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Everlasting Events and Rentals

Helping You Create Everlasting Memories

Plan your next event

Everlasting Events and Rentals is a one-stop-shop for all your event planning and rental needs. We can provide event planning services for your upcoming wedding, engagement parties, birthday parties, corporate events, school events, chamber meetings, church gathering, and any other events you may have upcoming. We focus on fine details that are unique to make your event an everlasting experience.

We are proudly servicing clients in the Smoky Mountain and surrounding areas.


How did this company get started? Who thinks about making a simple event an everlasting memory? We Do!

Who is this “We” that is mentioned?

Welcome to our business! Come meet the owner...

Everlasting Events and Rentals Owner: 

Christina Collins

This has been a dream in the making over many years for our family. We have always had an excitement for event planning and making people happy, but our true passion is to help people. We understand that not everyone enjoys planning an event, or has the time to plan the event, or is worried about all the small details...

That is perfectly okay because that is what we enjoy and want to do for you. The details are what make an event experience everlasting... Think about it. What was the best event you have ever attended? I have a good feeling that event made a lasting impression on you, and to place a lasting impression on someone takes something extra. That something extra is what we believe in and want to provide for your next event. Any event can be successful, but that does not imply that it will leave an everlasting imprint on your memories...

Memories are so valuable and mean the world to our family. From valued time with lost loved ones, surviving sickness, overcoming hurdles of life, enjoying time spent as a family, creating new memories, growing our family, and holding onto those memories we don’t want to forget. This business is focused on making a new everlasting memory that you will not want to forget.

We are very excited to provide event planning services, event coordinating, event rentals, decorations, and so much more to the East Tennessee area. Please contact us for your next event and let us help you make your event everlasting!

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